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CoolMax 8" Hybrid Twin Mattress - Bed in a Box

Experience the Ultimate Sleep with NapQueen's 8 Inch Maxima Hybrid Mattress - Infused with Cooling Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring for Maximum Comfort and Support!

- Convenient Bed in a Box: The NapQueen 8 Inch Maxima Hybrid Mattress comes in a convenient bed in a box packaging. This means that you can easily transport the mattress to your bedroom and set it up without any hassle. Simply unbox, unroll, and let the mattress expand to its full size.
- Affordable: The NapQueen 8 Inch Maxima Hybrid Mattress is an affordable option for those who want a high-quality mattress without breaking t

The NapQueen 8 Inch Maxima Hybrid Mattress is the perfect solution for those seeking a comfortable and supportive night's sleep. This twin size mattress features a combination of cooling gel infused memory foam and innerspring coils, providing the ultimate in comfort and support. The cooling gel helps regulate body temperature, ensuring a cool and comfortable night's sleep. The innerspring coils provide support and durability, ensuring the mattress lasts for years to come. The mattress comes in a convenient bed-in-a-box package, making it easy to transport and set up. With its high-quality construction and innovative design, the NapQueen 8 Inch Maxima Hybrid Mattress is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a great night's sleep.